The Art of Time Management

Time management. That is a big challenge when it comes to creating art. Most artists have a full time job in addition to growing their art presence. You may have heard the term “starving artist.” I certainly don’t want to be one but I refuse to give up creating works of art. When I do, I feel at ease and comfortable, as if everything makes sense to me. My studio is my second home. I spend hours there, in a place where I can express myself. In the last couple years, I have learned how to manage my time. Finding time and energy takes creating a schedule and a lot of coffee.

  • Create a schedule where you block out time just to escape and do your art. Investing in a studio was worth it for me. Find a space where you can focus. For example, you could go to your room, backyard or your favorite cafe for a set amount of time. Make sure you don’t make other commitments such as visiting friends. Good friends would understand. 
  • Prioritize your daily tasks with a list. It may be difficult not to multitask. It is tempting to juggle things as we get busy but keep your other life events separate from your art. You want to look at it as something you enjoy instead of blending it with other chores. This brings me to my next point. 
Smart phone, coffee, pen and notepad with text ” to do list”, retro style
  • Remember to say no. You don’t always have to say yes and burn your energy on other things. You are not obligated to attend every social gathering you are invited to. You need to value yourself and spending time on art is more than a hobby. It brings you closer to your goals. 
  • Be proud of your accomplishments. I am incredibly hard on myself and can be critical. This is one of my biggest issues. Stop and celebrate what you have achieved so far. If not, you can become discouraged and give up. 
  • Document the process– It keeps me going when I create videos of me painting. It makes me feel accomplished by reminding me I completed a project. When people like it and comment, I remember I have fans and that makes me feel positive. Creating videos and posting them on social media makes me feel optimistic and helps me develop another skill I didn’t know I would enjoy, which is video editing. You may enjoy another art to support your main art such as photography. Don’t be shy, and feel free to experiment! 

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.

– Theophrastus
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