Is Art School Worth It?

That is a question aspiring artists often ask themselves. 

The structured environment an art school can provide to art students can be a great way for students to keep up their motivation. Having expert professors, helps develop our skills. The networking opportunities are plentiful. Yes, art school is expensive and having an MFA looks great but it isn’t necessary to become an artist. I wrestled with this question while sipping my lukewarm coffee one morning.

It was spring, with pleasant weather before the hot and uncomfortable summer Southern California is known for. The deadline to apply was approaching. I was flirting with becoming an artist, the passion running through my veins but I was rough around the edges and aimless. I knew art school would help guide me and shape me to be the artist I dreamt of becoming. I mentioned my dilemma to my wife. Without missing a beat, she said “Go! Apply! This is such an amazing opportunity!” She listed all the reasons why I should go, making my hesitation evaporate.

I applied, got in, and now I am a year in taking art courses online. The question I often get asked is if I would recommend art school for aspiring artists. I would say there is no right or wrong answer for every person but there are factors to consider which will help make a decision. Based on my experience, art school is excellent at pushing you to become a better artist, networking and meeting talented professors. In the art world, networking is everything. The biggest con is money. At the risk of sounding cliche, money should not interfere with your dreams. Art school is an experience that cannot be replaced. You would be able to meet people who can change your life while learning new skills and challenging yourself. 

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