Inspiration, Investment, and Art Studio

It has been a long time since I wrote in my blog. I’ve been busy with an incredible and exciting project. Recently, I made a HUGE step. I hired contractors to convert my rather lackluster garage into a beautiful art studio. Soon after the final touches are added, and I’ve settled in, I will post a video and give a grand tour. This is a huge endeavor for me and a leap of faith. I don’t want to fail and let myself down. It was a major emotional and financial investment but when I’m painting, I lose myself in my own world. It’s easy for me to express myself with a myriad of colors and abstract shapes.

I also recently took a trip to visit some art museums. I didn’t expect it to touch me like it did. It was inspiring and impactful to me as an artist. Already, I can see my art before and after the visit, I see a subtle difference. Seeing the artwork woke something up in me. It was as if I was in hibernation before. The minute I got home, I lost myself in an artistic frenzy and created 3 new paintings.

Our ideas on color can be brought about by the things we have experienced or been exposed to. Art is up for interpretation. I let my creativity take me to different places and to experiment with colors. The process reminds me of why I’m so fascinated with abstract art and why I love experimenting with color palettes. 

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