Creating Art Inspiration

For me, creating art is an escape. I can escape the mundane things of everyday life. It opens a door in my head to a world only limited by my imagination. My creativity introduces me to new ideas, color schemes and textures. It is indeed expressing my thoughts on a blank canvas, watching it being combine with a marriage of various colors.

I recently acquired new acrylic markers which I love experimenting with. It’s satisfying to return to doing what I love.

Posca acrylic markers.

I took a break for a few days. I went to Vegas with friends for my birthday, courtesy of my wife. Unlike New York or Los Angeles, the art scene in Las Vegas veers towards gritty and industrial. Art is everywhere, in hotels, on the strip or even on the street with performers.

The eccentric energy must have rubbed off on me. I have been locked in my studio, creating works of art. I’ve also been dedicating so much time to creating videos on my new YouTube channel. 

And most importantly, the link to my YouTube channel is:

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